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Commander Ronald G. Bailey

U.S. Military European Base Commander
Area Director : BENELUX
Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg

City Colleges of Chicago – Europe

TO: Whom It May Concern

FROM: U.S. Military Commander Ronald G. Bailey
Area Director, BENELUX : Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxumbourg

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Dr. Maridel T. Andres, PhD

DATE: 5 December 1991

Dr. Maridel T. Andres has been an Adjunct Faculty member for City Colleges of Chicago – Europe for more than two years.

She has taught several courses for us in the U.S. – NATO, Brussels and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE) area. Her classes have been well received by the students and during our faculty peer reviews.

Doctor Andres is very knowledgeable in her subject areas and her presentations are clear and well organized. Students especially appreciate her personal concern for each of them.

She is cleared to teach the following college courses:

CD 101 Human Growth and Development I
CD 102 Human Growth and Development II
CD 109 Language Arts for the Young Child
CD 111 Child Development Laboratory
CD 141 Activity Programming
CD 201 Child Study
COUN 111 Career Planning
PHIL 106 Introduction to Philosophy
PSY 115 Psychology of Personal Adjustment
PSY 201 General Psychology
PSY 207 Child Psychology
PSY 211 Social Psychology
SOC 203 Marriage and the Family
SOC 280 Human Relations
SOC SCI 101 General Course I