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December 1, 2003

To Whom It May Concern,

Dr. Maridel Andres has been seeing residents at Mount Garfield Assisted Living in a professional capacity as Clinical Psychologist for over two years.

During that time, I have witnessed dramatic, positive changes in the people for whom she has provided Psychological Services.

This has improved the quality of life for our seniors. There is verifiable proof that the physical and mental health of her clients often improves year to year.

​She relates well with others. Her holistic approach to Mental Wellness has engaged the residents on many levels. Her varied life experiences gives her a wealth of practical knowledge and assures that she finds common ground among any person who calls upon her services. She is a sweet breath of fresh air.

Additionally, she has assisted me with a television marketing project on many occasions. She has appeared on a segment of the news that I co-produce with a local TV station. This segment discusses various issues facing seniors.

Dr. Andres is able to speak on a variety of subjects, often with little notice. Her humor and intelligence is evident in every appearance, as she bridges the gap between young and old.

Her speaking abilities and appearance are ideal; she is well suited for mass media.


Brent Basham 
Television Producer
Administrator / Owner
​Mount Garfield Assisted Living
​Clifton, Colorado