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CV 2024
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Good Fun in Progress
7 Continent Marathons
Extreme Adventures

Active USA Board Licensed Doctor, Psychology
U.S. Military in Europe . University Professor
American College Seminary, Belgium : Psychologist
Spiritual Retreat Leader . MH First Responder
WildLife Welfare Advocate . Philanthropist
Police Victim Advocate . Youth & Family Life Minister
Director, Mental Health ~ Prison : 500 Male Inmates
Psychological Care Director, U.S. Medical Facilities
Life & CEO Coach . Public Speaker
TeleHealth Behavioral Consultant

“Your mission in life
is where your deep joy
and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
R. Bolle

Beautiful Vision

Vitality of BodyMindSpirit

– Holistic . Healthy . Happy . Holy (pursue noble causes)
– BiG 7 : Love _ Learn _ Heal _ Serve _ Play _ LiVE _ Laugh
– Philanthropy . Pro Bono Services . Kindness LifeStyle

Vital Mission

– Serves The Many FACES + LEADERS of Society.
– Saves Our Wildlife Animals.
– Conserves Our Beautiful Earth.

Delightful Educational Experiences + Formation.
Extensive + Intensive Formal Education, Europe :

PhD / Doctor of Clinical Psychology & Spirituality.
KULeuven Studies : Philosophy _ Theology _ Psychoanalysis.
The Catholic University of Louvain. Belgium. English

Scholar, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven / KULeuven. Dutch
Full Academic Scholarship (8 Years) Awarded by Prof. VERGOTE.
Scholarship Grant from KULeuven & The King and Queen of Belgium.

Legendary Mentor ~ Prof. Antoine VERGOTE, PHD, STD
Philosopher _ Theologian _ Psychologist _ Prolific Author _ Psychoanalyst.
“The most eminent figure in the field of Psychology of Religion;
a key figure in European intellectual movements.”
Founder, Belgian School of Psychoanalysis. Belgium.

“Inspiring The Outstanding.”
KULeuven, world’s oldest (Founded in 1425)
and most prestigious catholic university.
Ranks # 45 among the top universities world-wide.
Times Higher Education, 2024. Congrats, Leuvenaars.

Comprehensive Training + Work History : Europe + USA.

Plethora of Skills. ” Equivalent to Seven (7) Resumes ! “

Multiple Skill Sets : “Exceptional” __ “World – Class”
Commendations : U.S. Military in Europe. Physicians. Professors. Cops.
Job Recruiters. Lawyers. Pastors. CEOs. Students. Diplomats in Europe.

Psychology Doctor : Worked in Various Settings. All Ages.
US Military: Europe _ Professor: Universities _ American Seminary: Belgium.
Hospitals _ Churches _ Prison: Men _ Healthcare PSY Director _ CEO Coach.
Served thousands of patients, clients, students : USA + Europe​.

Equity . Diversity . Inclusion

Volunteer ~ Pro Bono ~ Philanthropist
Dr. Andres Serves The Public Good

Volunteer History : Always Giving Back !

In Gratitude for the Full Academic Scholarship, KULeuven,
Europe (8 Amazing Years), Dr. Andres, opened many years
ago, a Free Mental Health Clinic for the Disadvantaged, as
Youth & Family Life Minister / Psychologist, State of Colorado.

POLICE Victim Advocate : Support + Resources to Victims of Crime.
Dr. Andres, Fervent Victim Advocate. First Responder.
Trained Victim Advocates and Police Officers in Crisis Intervention.

State of Colorado Delta Search & Rescue : Locate people who
are lost, injured, or not living in the Colorado wilderness.

State of Colorado Parks & Wildlife Rescue : Save Wildlife Animals.
Dr. Maridel, Forever Animal Welfare Advocate.

Non – Profit Board of Directors, USA. Active Board Member :
– A Community Mental Health Center for Low Income Families.
– Supervisory Committee, Federal Credit Union. Bank Services.

Full Member
American Psychological Association (APA). Founded 1892.
Join Year : 1989. Expires : December 2024. Annual Renewal.
APA  Division  36 : Society for the  Psychology of  Religion  & Spirituality.

American College Alumni Association of KULeuven (ACAA).
U.S. Catholic Seminary in Belgium ~ Europe. Founded 1857.

Sierra Club. “Explore, Enjoy, and Protect The Planet.”
Conservation Organization. Founded 1892. Annual Renewal.
Join Year : 2009. Colorado Chapter. Expires : 2024.
Certificate of Appreciation : ” Sierra Club is Proud to Recognize
Dr. Maridel T. Andres for 15 years of Commitment & Leadership
Support to Help Preserve and Protect America’s WildLands &
WildLife. ” Michelle Epstein, Deputy Chief Advancement Officer, Sierra Club.

Linkedin 2,350 + First Degree Connections. 2K + Followers. Non-LION.

This company website : hundreds of yearly internet visits.

5 STARS Doctor, Clinical Psychology / PHD, KULeuven
USA Patient Ratings * * * * *



* * * * * Super Profile

Active USA Board Licensed Doctor, Clinical Psychology, PHD, PC.
Behavioral Health Consultant : EUROPE + USA

Current, Full, Unrestrictive : Doctor / PHD Psychology Licenses.
USA Psychology Licenses : Renewable every two years.

State of Tennessee.
Tennessee Board of Examiners of Psychology.
Issued in November 1994. Expires July 31, 2025.

State of Colorado.
Colorado State Board of Psychologist Examiners / DORA.
Issued in July 1998. Expires August 31, 2025.

“Never stop learning ~ because life never stops teaching.”

Mandatory Continuing Education ( CE ) Requirements.
USA Doctor / PhD, Clinical Psychology Licenses.
U.S. Psychologists are required 40 Credit Hours / CE
of Professional Development Courses and Activities every
2 years : TN _ CO _ Dr. Andres did more than 40 hours.

Dr. Andres completed the following Educational Categories:​

Community Health
Mental Health
Ethics / Human Rights
Pediatrics ​
Infection Control / Internal Medicine
Medical Surgical


Mass Shooters and Extremist Violence: Motives, Paths and Prevention: 15 hours, 2023

The Aging Brain: 05 hours, 2023

Bioterrorism: An Update for HealthCare Professionals: 05 hours, 2023

Working with Military Families: Impact of Deployment: 05 hours, 2023

Men’s Health Issues: 15 hours, 2023

Postpartum Depression: 15 hours, 2023

Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss: 05 hours, 2023

Parkinson’s Disease: 10 hours, 2023

HIPAA Privacy and Security: 05 hours, 2023

Setting Ethical Limits: For Caring and Competent Professionals: 06 hours, 2023

Understanding & Treating Spiritual Abuse: 05 hours, 2023

An Introduction to Employee Assistance  Programs: 08 hours, 2023

Assessment and Management of Pain at the End of Life: 02 hours, 2023


Note: As usual, Dr. Andres exceeded the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements of 40 Continuing Education Hours : State of Tennessee and State of Colorado.


Domestic & Sexual Violence: 05 hours, 2021

Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma (AHT): 1.5 hours, 2021

Suicide Assessment & Prevention: 06 hours, 2021

Anti-Depressant – Associated Sexual Dysfunction: 01 hours, 2021

Borderline Personality Disorder: 15 hours, 2021

Behavioral Addictions: 15 hours, 2021

Managing & Preventing Burnout: 04 hours, 2021

Ethics for Psychologists II: 06 hours, 2021

Integrating Religion & Spirituality into Counseling: 05 hours, 2021


A Review of Psychiatric Emergencies: 10 hours, 2019

Depression & Suicide: 15 hours, 2019

Geriatric Failure to Thrive : Multi – Dimensional Problem: 05 hours, 2019

Ethics for Psychologists I: 06 hours, 2019

Vicarious Trauma & Resilience: 15 hours, 2019


SCHOLAR / PHD, Clinical Psychology & Spirituality / Psychology of Religion.

Doctor of Philosophy / Doctor of Psychology / Dokter in de Psychologie ​ (Dutch language)

Catholic University of Louvain. Belgium . Europe
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven / KULeuven.

Full Academic KULeuven Scholarship (8 years)
Awarded to Dr. Maridel T. Andres by
Antoine Vergote / KULeuven / King & Queen of Belgium.

Legendary Mentor : Prof. Dr. Rev. Antoine VERGOTE, STD, PHD:
“The most eminent figure in the field of psychology of religion
and a key figure in the European intellectual movements.”

Pre-Doctoral PhD Clinical Psychology Internship, USA.
State Psychiatric Hospital. State of Tennessee. One Full Year.
M.A. Master of Arts, Clinical – Counseling Psychology (4 years).
Thesis: Use of Logotherapy (Meaning / Purpose in Life) in Helping the Dying.
B.A. Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (4 years).

Early education: elite private schools: German Benedictines _ U.S. Jesuits.
American Psychological Association. APA Member. Since 1989 – current.
APA Psychologist LOCATOR : Dr. Maridel T. Andres : Zip Code 81505.

Further KULeuven Studies : Europe.
Theology . Philosophy. 1970s – 1980s.

Psychoanalytic Formation Training and Supervision:
Belgian School of Psychoanalysis. 1980’s (5 years). Belgium.
Freud Clinic Psychoanalytic Training Certification. England.
Anna FREUD Child and Adolescent Center. United Kingdom.

Comprehensive Work History : EUROPE + USA.

Successful Private Practice – Europe. 1980–1984; 1986-1993
Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany. Clientele: Ages 02 to 102.
Intensive / Extensive Work Contracts / Pro Bono: Teaching, Counseling, Consulting:​

In-House Psychologist / Formation Faculty / Consultant. 1979–1992.
Professor, Pastoral Counseling : for Catholic priests / seminarians.
The American College (Catholic Seminary) of KULeuven. Belgium.

Professor Doctor, Psychology : U.S. universities in Europe.
All Psychology University Courses __ Plus: Hypnosis __ Philosophy __
Marriage & Family __ Human Growth & Life Span Development __
Career Planning __ Human Relations __ Psychology of Personal Adjustment __
Alcohol & Drug Addictions __ Death & Dying __ Seasons of Life __

The University of Maryland in Europe. 1986 – 1993.
City Colleges of Chicago in Europe. 1986 – 1990.

Civilian PhD Clinical Psychologist : Teaching, Counseling, Consulting.​
U.S. Military – Europe. 1986 – 1993: U.S. – N.A.T.O., Brussels.
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE)
in Mons – Belgium __ The Netherlands __ Germany __

SOLO PRIVATE PRACTICE: Colorado, USA. 1994 – Current.
Humanistic – Existential – Psychoanalytic – Psychodynamic – Cognitive/Behavior
Integrated Body – Mind – Spirit – Service to Humanity. ​

Long-Term, Wide-Ranging Work Contracts. Pro-Bono. Volunteer :

Director, Youth and Family Life Ministries
– St. Michael’s Catholic Church. Delta, CO. 1994-1995. Invited to
Colorado : Dr. Andres Opened a Free Mental Health Clinic.
– St. Lucy’s Parish Community. Newport, Rhode Island. 1996.

Director of Psychology / Facility Psychologist. 1994 – Current.
Long-Term Health Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities. Multi-disciplinary Team.
Clinical Staff In–Service Trainer / Supervisor. Case Management.

Chief Psychologist: Colorado State Prison. ​1997-1998.
Multi-disciplinary Team. Counseling and Teaching 500 male inmates / prisoners: ​
State Certified Classes: Anger Management, Domestic Violence,
Problem-Solving, Cognitive-Behavioral Programs. Clinical Staff Supervisor.

State of Colorado Social Services Disability Determination Services:​​
DSM 4/5 Psychological Evaluations & Assessments. Mental Status Exams.
WAIS–IV / WISC Intelligence Scales. Wechsler Memory Tests.
Children _ Youth _ Adults _ Seniors _ Special Needs. 1998 – Current.

Executive – Life – Wellness COACH. The Pursuit of Excellence.
1998– Current. International and U.S. clients include: Professionals. CEOs.
Physicians. Nurses. Priests. Pastors. Cops. Ministers. Athletes. Judges.
Lawyers. Beauty Pageant Winners. Teachers. Coaches. Counselors.
Parents. Human Resources. Artists. Supervisors. Health Care Leaders.

European Diplomats & Family. Blue Collars. TV personalities.
Criminal Justice System and Law-Enforcement. Police Staff.
Police S.W.A.T. Teams. Active Retirees. Students. Employees.
Volunteers. American Military & Families : USA + Europe.
Cowboys in “The Wild West.”

Emergency Mental Health Services. 1998 – Current.
Psychopathology : Mild __ Moderate __ Severe __
Prevention __ Diagnosis __ Treatment __ Rehabilitation __ End of Life __
Hospital Privileges : Crisis Evaluation __ Case Management __
Emergency Department _ Critical Care _ Acute Care _ Birthing Unit _
Television Presenter:
Psychology Topics. Newspaper Interview : Health & Wellness.
“Positive Aging” ___ “A Quiet Miracle – Resilience : 9-11”

Melita Theologica. Vol. XL No. 1. 1989
Prayer as a Lived Relationship . A Psychological Study.​

International and Inspirational Speaker : EUROPE + USA

Spiritual Retreats / Meditations Leader. USA + Europe.
Comprehensive Psychological & Spiritual HealthCare for All in Need.

Comprehensive and Pluralistic Themes :
Non – Sectarian . Secular . Religious

THEMES : General __ Non – Religious __ Non – Christian __
Non – Denominational __ Ecumenical __ Christian __ Protestant __
Anglican / Episcopalian __ Roman Catholic __ Eastern Orthodox __
Client’s Personal Choice __ Trust + Team / Community Building __

Personalized : Various Religious / Spiritual Communities.
Priests _ Pastors _ Religious _ Seminarians _ Deacons & Spouses _
Youth & Family Life Ministers __ U.S. Military Chaplains in Europe _
Protestant, Episcopalian, Catholic, Ecumenical, Non-Denominational.

Customized : General / Non – Religious / Business / Service Groups.
First Responders _ Law – Enforcement _ Health Care Providers _
Schools _ Churches _ Businesses _ Nursing Homes _ Hospitals _
Government Agencies _ Corporations ( big or small ) _

Meditations Facilitator : Individual _ Groups _
Europe & USA. 1980s – Current. Non – Sectarian.
Stewardship & Global Community . Amazing Grace.
St. John’s “Dark Night of The Soul.” Ecstasy (not the street-drug ! )
Beauty of Nature. Athletic Bliss. Mysticism. TRUE Love.
Eudaimonia. Altiora Peto. Sedes Sapientiae ~ Seat of Wisdom.

An Awakening … and a Lived / Living Relationship … with
Self __ Others __ World __ and The Ultimate Reality (God).

SUCCESS … the gradual realization of a worthy Ideal.

Achieving: Good Health _ Meaning / Purpose _ Love _ Wisdom _ Joy !

​​Counseling. Psychotherapy. Diagnoses. Consults. 1998 – Current.
Children. Adolescents. Adults. Seniors. Individuals. Couples.
Marriages. Families. Diverse Groups / Communities. The Gifted.

Effective Management of Dr. Andres’ coined acronym D A D A A S :

Depression Anxiety Destructive Behaviors Anger Addictions​ Stress
Life Transitions. Grief. Pet / Job Loss. Divorce. Fiscal Well-Being.
Self-Esteem. Addictions: Food, Sex, Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs. ​PTSD.
Relationships. Domestic Violence. Loneliness – Intimacy – Sexuality.
Religious Vocations. Careers. Retirement. Military Lifestyle. Special Needs.
Executive – Corporate – Staff Training: ​Effective Leadership. Positive Team Work.

Psychology + Behavior of Health. 1998 – Current.
Motivation. Healthy Weight Loss & Management. Wellness. Vitality !

Volunteer: Sheriff / Police : Victim Advocate.
State of Colorado Parks & Wild Life Rescue Team.

Good FUN in Progress …….

Seven Continents Marathoner . Endurance Athlete
Done (5) : Africa _ North America _ Europe _ Latin America _ Asia: Himalayas _
Bucket-List (2) : Antarctica _ Oceana : New Zealand / Australia _

Law-Enforcement Special Olympics Torch Runs :
Police Team. Grand Junction, State of Colorado.

USA Nationality / Citizenship. World Citizen at Heart.
Speaks English. Native language. Full Proficiency.
Speaks Dutch / Flemish. West Germanic language. Basic.

Tested I.Q. Very Superior Intelligence. Dean’s List.
U.S. Standardized Battery of Psychological Measurements:
Intelligence Tests, Projective, Aptitude, Personality Scales, etc.

Highly Trusted + Very Popular : Student Leader.
Voted by fellow university students . Well-liked by Administrators.
Consistently Elected President : Student Governments.

First Woman Elect – President.
International Doctoral / PHD Students’ Association.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven / KULeuven. Belgium ~ Europe.

S P E C i A L T Y :
Extremely Diverse Clientele, Cultures, Demographics ​
Clinical, counseling, teaching, supervision & consulting experience in
USA & Europe in heterogeneous settings: University and U.S. Military –
Europe. American Seminary. Criminal Justice System & Law-Enforcement.
Hospital: Crisis Evaluation / Case Management. Corporate, Military,
Religious LEADERSHIP and STAFF Training, Positive Team-Building.
U.S. Licensed Health Care Provider : Long-Term Health Care Facilities.

Some Favorite Quotes …..

“Life is short.
We have never too much time
for gladdening the hearts of those
traveling this dark journey with us. ​
Oh, be swift to love,
make haste to be kind.”

Henri Frederic Amiel (1821 – 1881). Swiss Philosopher, Critic, Poet.

The glory of God is a human being fully alive. Irenaeus, 130-202 AD

​​You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt.

A diamond is a piece of coal that made good under pressure. Anonymous.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Goethe.

FORTE. Dr. Andres’ Seven (7) Psychology Specialties








<<<<< FUN ” Trivia ” >>>>>

What makes me happy ?

Happiness … is like having not one but many
Precious Sparkling Diamonds … with myriads of facets.


Beautiful  “Diamonds”  in  Life

Dr. Maridel Enjoys Various Sources of Awe …

What makes me happy

Rare  &  Precious  Blue  Diamond

It is experienced + expressed in : BiG + small Ways _ altruism.
private + public life _ solitude + fellowship _ values _ service.
emotions _ relationships _ activities _ beliefs _ meaning _ prayers.
purpose _ changes & transitions in life _ kindness of strangers.
daily spiritual rituals _ music _ sports _ cultural celebrations _ silence.
steadfast love of friends _ great books _ beauty of nature, animals.
Divine Love / Presence of God _ True Mystic Experience (sans drugs).
World Peace _ Animal Welfare _ have Great + Effective world leaders.
Moments of Enlightenment / Wisdom / Epiphanies / Goodness / Beauty.
it’s more than fleeting pleasures _ Freedom _ Equality _ Fine Health …

“Happiness is a by-product of a life well-lived.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Inspired by Altiora Peto <> I seek higher things.

Aristotle’s Eudaemonia <> Happiness. The highest human good.
The condition of human flourishing or of living well.

Just the Tip of The Amazing Ice-berg : Happiness ~ My Good Life.

Dr. Maridel Enjoys Various Sources of
Awe __ Joy __ Grace __ Happiness __ Blessings :

Beauty of nature _ warmth of noble friendships _ laughter _ animal welfare _
tennis _ art _ plays classic guitar _ martial arts _ yoga _ ecology _ helping people.

Avid Reader, Books : Greek classical philosophy, world history, cultural anthropology, theology, traditional and holistic medicine, biography of great people, literature, travel, prose & poetry, psychoanalysis, nature, spirituality, wildlife, criminal justice system, law-enforcement, classic films based on books, song writing. Talking with brilliant authors.

Peak Performance in Endurance Sports : Healthy Lifestyle / Nutrition _ Good Sleep _ Rest _ Motivation _ Positive Mind-Set _ Vitality ! _ training world-class athletes _

Teaching Philosophy & Psychology in universities in Europe : Our U.S. Military and The American College Catholic Seminary of KULeuven, Belgium _ Learning. _ Public Speaking _ Facilitating Spiritual Retreats _ Fellowship <> Solitude

Continuing Education Requirements. USA Psychology Doctor Licenses :
Forty (40) Credit Hours ​of Professional Development activities and courses
every two years. Do more than 40 hours. Useful, fun, and refreshing. ​

World-Adventures / Ultra Marathons / Races : Seven (7) Continents.
Done (5) : Africa . Asia . North America . Europe . Central America
Bucket – List (2) : Oceana ~ New Zealand / Australia . Antarctica ?!

“Mens sana in corpore sano.” <> A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Enjoyable / Challenging Runs : Mt. Everest, Himalayas _ Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa _African Safari, Hot-Air Balloon Ride / Serengeti Annual Migration _ African Orphanage. Dance with Maasai Warriors: traditional red robes / spears _ Panama, Latin America. The Original Marathon, Athens, GREECE _ Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon, ALASKA.

Holy Land Pilgrimage, ISRAEL : Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Wall of Prayer, Garden of Gethsemane, Floating in the Dead Sea, Tomb of Lazarus, Masada, Mount Tabor, etc.
Led by famous New Testament Theologian / Scholar / Author, Prof. Dr. Raymond F. Collins.

Music : German Classical . Italian Opera . American Rock __ Volunteer __ Playing ! Pro Bono Psychology Services __
Love for EUROPE and its Culture & People _

Fond of AFRICA : Beauty of Nature, WildLife, Sanctuary Parks & Conservation.
Belgian Chocolates __ Belgische Frietjes __ races fun + powerful red Corvette.
cheering NASCAR, IndyCar Racing, OLYMPiCS __ beautiful mountains / trails : Colorado.

​Magnificent, clear, warm – cool, azure blue … Mediterranean Sea
and delicious cuisines from different mediterranean countries : ancient & rich cultures, ​many languages, various healthy lifestyles, beautiful marine wildlife, friendly + lively people, great universities, lovely architecture / art / music / literature, diverse religions / spiritualities.

Cared for handsome / smart RescueCats _ meditation _ feeds pretty but hungry Wild Birds.

Deep Appreciation ~ Maridel’s Beloved Mentors : LEONOR, Mother Extraordinaire ! Antoine VERGOTE, PhD Promotor, Legendary Philosopher, Theologian, Psychoanalyst. Early catholic education : elite private schools by German Benedictines and U.S. Jesuits.

Full Academic Scholarship ( 8 years ) : Catholic University of Louvain. Belgium. Europe.
KUL Studies : Clinical Psychology . Spirituality . Theology . Philosophy . Psychoanalysis

First Woman – Elect President : International PHD Students Association.
Trusted + Popular Student Leader. KULeuven.

Opened : Free Mental Health Clinic for the Disadvantaged, State of Colorado.
In Gratitude for the Amazing 8 Year Full Academic Scholarship, KULeuven, Belgium.
Scholarship Awarded by Antoine Vergote, KULeuven, King & Queen of Belgium.

Hikes with gorgeous, super intelligent, athletic, young, loyal, strong but always gentle, champion bloodline, high energy, happy, playful English Cream Golden Retriever. When I grow up, I want to be just like our adorable English Golden Retriever !

Ignatian Spirituality. ” Finding God in All Things.” Spiritual Discernment.

Fun Badass Dream Car : Ferrari Super Fast 812. Rosso Corsa (Racing Red). Writing.

Hanging out with : kind _ bright _ joyful _ noble _ loving _ fun _
humble High Achievers _ with healthy lifestyles and “pure hearts.”

GAZiNG … Meditating, almost daily ….. for many happy years :
at our Magnificent Leuven Town Hall, Belgium ~ EUROPE.
at our Beautiful Colorado National Monument ~ USA.

” just being ” … moments of creative silence …

“Niksen” ( “doing nothing” ) … German. Healthy Dutch Lifestyle.

“Niksen” is not laziness ! <> It’s an Effective Stress Management.
Complements a meaningful, intense & busy lifestyle. Helps prevent burnout.
Balance : Love, Work, Play. Cool Rhythm : Service, Rest, Rejuvenation.

” Tell me … what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life ? “ Mary Oliver.


English  Cream
Golden Retriever.
“New  Sheriff in Town.”