Psychology • Spirituality • Health • Wellness


In Five (5) Continents



2024 * Psychological  Care  :  U.S.  Medical  Facilities.
          Spiritual Retreats  :  Groups,  Individuals.
          TeleHealth  :  USA  +  EUROPE

2023 * Psychological + Spiritual Care

2022 * TeleHealth: USA + Europe

2021 Health Facility Psychologist​
* Continue Serving Patients.
* Lead Spiritual Retreats

2020 Executive & Life COACH.

2019 * Colorado: Spiritual Retreats for Organizational Staff

2018 * Health Facility Colorado: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
Etiology, Symptoms, Treatments, Prognosis.

2017 * American College of The Catholic University of Louvain, KULeuven Reunion, BELGIUM – Europe.

2016 * New York: Annual Spiritual Retreat for Deacons & Wives.

2015 * Licensed Doctor (PhD) of Clinical Psychology
Department of Human Services (DHS). Colorado:
Summer 2015.
Neuro-Psychological Evaluations and Assessments:
Adults – at – Risk, aged 18 and above.
* Catholic University of Louvain / KULeuven, Belgium.
Summer Reunion ~ Friends and Alumni. Colorado.

2014 Executive – Personal – Wellness COACHING. Europe & USA
For CEOs, Professionals, Pastors, Police, Nurses, Physicians,
Students, Parents, Coaches, Healthcare Providers, Athletes,
Lawyers, Volunteers, Counselors, U.S. Military & Family.

2013 CRISIS TEAM Hospital Training, Colorado

2012 Private spiritual retreats for professional groups

2011 Ongoing staff training, healthcare facilities

2011 Reunion, American College Friends. Rhode Island

2010 Episcopal Parish . Lent (Speaker), Grand Junction, Colorado

2009 International Marathon. Panama, Central America

2009 Spiritual Retreats. Germany. Belgium – Europe

​2008 Five-Day Run in the Indian Himalayas, Asia

2007 Mt. Kilimanjaro Run, Hot-Air Balloon Ride, and Five-Day Photo Safari. Tanzania, Africa

2006 Spiritual Recollection, U.S. Military Chaplaincy for Priests
(Guest Speaker). Heidelberg, Germany

2005 Marathon. Alaska, North America

2004 Classic Marathon. Athens, Greece. Europe

2004 “Helping Nursing Home Residents Suffering from Mental Health Issues” (Speaker)

2003 “Crisis Intervention.” Main Speaker. Grand Junction, Colorado.
Police & Mesa County Sheriff Departments
Victim Assistance Training Academy. Spring & Fall.

2003 TV Channel KREX Series. Television Presenter on
“Psychology, Health, and Fitness”

2002 Delta, Colorado Vocational-Technical Business School.
“Achieving Personal Balance” (Speaker)

​2001 CAPA State Conference. Frisco, Colorado.
“How to Achieve a Wellness Lifestyle” and
“Discovering Different Paths to Spirituality”
(Speaker, double workshops)

2000 Staff Nurses Training: Mental Health Care in Skilled
Health Care Facilities. Denver, Colorado

1999 Re-Certification: Personal & Strength Training
Aerobic Pipeline International, California

1998 Women’s Health for Year 2000, CO (Speaker)
Healthy Body, Mind & Integrated Spirituality

1997 Colorado Department of Corrections Mental
Health Conference. Black Forest, CO

1997 State of Colorado Correctional Training Academy
Canon City, Colorado

​1996 Colorado Organization for Victim’s Assistance (COVA)
Beaver Creek, CO

1996 “Biology and Psychology of Women’s Wisdom” Dr. J. Borysenko, Colorado

1995 “As Time Goes By”. Teachers and Counselors Continuing Education, Rhode Island

1995 National Youth Ministry Conference. Attleboro, Massachusetts

1994 Association for Advance Training in the Behavioral Sciences.
Atlanta, Georgia

1992 “Women and the Church”, Dr. Susan Muto,
American College of KULeuven, Belgium

1991 “In-Culturation in the USA.” The American College Pastoral Institute. Leuven, Belgium

1990 American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention (Speaker). “A Reformulation of William James’ Variety of Religious Experience”. Boston, Massachusetts

1989 APA Annual Convention (Speaker).
“Prayer as a Living Relationship. A Psychological Study”. New Orleans, Louisiana

1989 Melita Theologica – VOL. XL NO.1

1989 Prayer as a lived Relationship: A Psychological Study
University of Malta

1988 “Black Evangelization”.
American College, Belgium

1987 Anna FREUD Psychoanalytic Clinical Training for Children & Adolescents. Hampstead, England

1986 “Ira Progoff’s Intensive Journal of Spirituality”
Cenacle Spiritual Retreat House. The Netherlands

1985 “Assessment & Treatment of Sexually Abused Children Workshop”. Lakeshore State Mental Hospital. Knoxville, Tennessee

1984 “Family Therapy Workshops.” Knoxville, Tennessee

1983 City Colleges of Chicago – Europe.
Workshop on “Mastery Learning & Performance Objectives” at the U.S. – NATO Center. Brussels, Belgium

1982 European Psychologists of Religion
Congress University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands ​ With Prof. Dr. Antoine Vergote, PhD Mentor

1981 Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour.
Israel Led by Prof. Dr. Ray Collins, New Testament Scholar

1980 International Congress
on Religious Symbolism and Inter-Cultural Communications. Saint Paul University. With Prof. Vergote. Ottawa, Canada

1970s TAIZE European National Meetings.
Dr. Maridel spoke, played the guitar, and sang spiritual & American folk songs to several thousand youth & adult pilgrims from all over Europe. Belgium. Rome, Italy

Done: Marathons / World – adventures : Five (5) Continents
Africa _ Asia _ North America _ Europe _ Latin America _​

Bucket List: Antarctica <> Oceana ~ New Zealand . Australia.

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Henry David Thoreau