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Grateful Clients, State of Colorado

Appreciation from Clients from All Walks of Life.
Note: Some excerpts, “as-is” without corrections for spelling & grammar.

Dear Dr. Maridel,

” You have a kind heart and high intelligence ! ”

Cordially, xxx Superior Court Judge

“You’re THE BEST, Doctor Maridel !!! ”

High Five, xxx Police S.W.A.T.

” Dr. Andres is the greatest person I have met !

She cares about her patients.

​She has helped me to believe in myself

and get rid of people in your life that brings you down.​

Many thanks, Dr. A. ” XXX, LinkedIn messages.

” Everyone thought I was a Cool Teen-ager …..

but inside I was a crazy mess !

Big thank you for being my Awesome MENTOR.

You Rock, Dr. Andres ! “​ xxx High School Kid

PAX, Professor Dr. Maridel,

Thank you for an Excellent Job as In-House Clinical Psychologist, Formation Staff, Professor, Pastoral Counseling (priests and seminarians) at our American Catholic Seminary in Europe : American College of Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

As you know, after finishing their Master’s and Doctoral Studies in Philosophy and Theology, in Rome, Italy, and / or Belgium, our bright students have returned to the United States and serve as Parish Priests in different Diocesan Parishes.

Delighted to re-connect with you. God bless you.
Father Dr. xxx Spiritual Director, Parish Priest, Speaker.


You helped me with my Depression & Anger ! ”

Much appreciation,

From xxx an Exhausted Family Physician, MD.

” You are THE REAL DEAL, Dr. Andres !

Thank you for your kindness, expert advice and practical help”.

Homeless, Cocaine Addict, Social Disability Services Applicant, Ex – Nurse.

” To: Professor Doctor M. Andres,
Director, Mental Health Services / Chief Clinical Psychologist.
Colorado Department of Corrections. PRiSON for 500 Males.

From: Anonymous thank you notes at end of classes from some male inmates and violent biker gangs in prison.

” Doc : You are Tough but FAIR __ Always Nice __Super Smart __ Kind __ BRAVE ! __ Happy __ Cool __

We learned a lot from your One – on – One Counseling and teaching State Certified Department of Correction Classes in Anger Management and Domestic Violence.

We appreciate your help in making us BETTER guys ! “

“Dr. Andres –

After I got home and read your impressive business card I realized why it was so refreshing ​ to speak with you.

I would like to see you twice per year, at least. I’ll call for an appointment so we can talk again.

I laughed on the way home over the use of the word “cowboy”.

Regards”, T. A Colorado Cowboy !

“My experience today was very easy and comforting.

Both, doctor and receptionist were very nice

and understanding”. V

“Thanks, totally Great Psychology Exam with Dr. Andres.

for my Social Disability Determination Services.

Everyone in her staff was Helpful “. W

“I appreciate her, Dr. Andres.

CouRtesy and understanding &. caring.

Plus she gave me good ADVICE”. J

“I really enjoyed my interview today with Doctor A.

Math ? ” E

“Doc Anders, Wonderful woman. Kind – undertanding.

Made me feel very comfortable. Thanks, Doc”. S

“All went well with my Psychological Evaluation & Assessment for Work.

Both Doctor Andres and Staff were very friendly and knowledgable”. P

” The receptionist and Doctor Maridel were both Very pleasant !

Very helpful. Made me feel comfortable “. S

“I like coming here …. I feel Safe … and Comfortable. ”

xxx __ Domestic Violence Survivor from a Serial Killer / Rapist.

” Dr. MARIDEL, Clinical Psychologist / Hospital Crisis Team :

You are Beyond Awesome !!!

Thank you for your effective and efficient professional HELP with my workaholism, hidden but high-functioning alcoholism, loneliness, lack of communication with my beautiful wife & kids.

Despite my worldly and career success, “something” was missing in my life. You inspired me to find a deeper purpose and true happiness.

My family and I feel so much better, are sober, happier, and with a healthier lifestyle. It’s a challenge to stay healthy. “

Gratitude, xxx CEO, National Top Bank Executive.

” At 92 years young, you helped me find

a NEW Mission in my longevity …..

and explore good things to enjoy.

Thank you much for sharing your WiSDOM + JOY

and IMPROVING the QUALITY of my long life ! ”

Love, xxx Nursing Home Resident, Scientist, PhD in Biology.

” The people working here are Awesome !!!

Medical Appointment was emotional, of course,

but the Doctor was wonderful.

Thank You to the Dr. Maridel Team “.

XXX U.S. Military Officer. PTSD Survivor

“I really liked Doctor Andres, her friendly staff,

their ability to answer questions, and wonderful support !!! “.

Appreciation, from Lonely Mom and Wife, Unemployed.

” Thank you for Really Listening, Dr. Andres –

and Encouraging me.

It means a lot to Know how Valuable Professionals (Real People) are.

Thanks, More than you know, Agape (Divine Love) “. B

” I liked that Dr. Andres helped me focus my interests,

talents, and values for Future Employment.”

T. College Student.

” Enjoyed the fact that Dr. Andres

could bring my tears to laughter.

Good experience !! Thank you !! “. Registered Nurse.

” Doctor Maridel –

You are a Joyful Renaissance Woman !!!

A Modern-Day Polymath “.

Thanks, Attorney xxx

Hi Dr. Andres,

You can ” LEVEL ” with anyone and everyone can level with you.

During and after our Private Talks, we feel much better, think more clearly, and are motivated to improve with real action plans.

And all these ​good benefits without the useless, even potentially dangerous side-effects and standard medications from physicians !

In the past, we have fired some psychiatrists / psychologists from various hospitals and places.

You have worked everywhere ( ! ) as Doctor in Psychology: in universities, seminary, hospitals, prison, U.S Military – Europe, Criminal Justice System, HealthCare Facilities, Private Practice, Non-Profit Organizations, Multi-National Companies: U.S. & Europe.

Thus, you can easily connect with anyone and everyone !

We all absolutely recommend you to anyone in the USA, Europe, or any other continent ! “

President & CEO, Global Entrepreneur

“My deep appreciation, Professor Dr. Maridel,

for helping me become a more effective, less stressed,

healthier and happier Pastor, Doctor, Son, Husband, Dad.

You’re very helpful, compassionate, bright, ethical, warm,

punctual, with a gentle energy, and a great sense of humor !


I GREW from ….. GOOD ….. to BETTER ….. to BEST ! ”

Blessings, from XXX Pastor Doctor, Philanthropist.