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Rev. Nathanael Foshage, OSB

Pastor, Order of Saint Benedict

St. Michael’s Church
12 / 21 / 1996
628 Meeker
Delta, Colorado 81416

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this recommendation for Dr. Maridel Andres.

She has worked for St. Michael’s Catholic Parish in Delta, Colorado, as Youth & Family Life Minister / Psychologist for almost a year.

Dr. Maridel is a very cheerful and positive person.

She is very caring as a psychologist and psychotherapist and reaches out to her clients.

In fact, she goes to any lengths to help them ….. to the jail, to the courts, to their homes.

She is especially good in crisis situations and even likes those challenges.

She has quite a German work ethic and has had to be reminded not to work too many hours.

So I highly recommend Dr. Maridel as a psychotherapist, psychologist.


Fr. Nathanael Foshage, OSB
Order of St. Benedict
St. Michael’s Church