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Anonymous Thank You Notes

Symbols of Appreciation.
Teaching, Counseling, Consulting.
University of Maryland – Europe

Sense of Gratitude from countless International & American Students.
Classes in various U.S. Military campus sites :

​U.S. Military Bases in Europe.
U.S. – NATO in Brussels, Belgium.
European Union (EU) . Diplomatic Corps, Brussels.
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).

  • ” Truly, Dr. Maridel Andres is our world – class Psychology Doctor & Professor in Europe !!! “
  • Dr. Maridel : our sweet, generous, youthful, bright, charismatic, helpful Professor in Belgium & Germany.
  • Extremely brilliant, a person to respect, HAPPY, beautiful, fun ! Our warm, young “Mother Symbol” in Germany.
  • Professor Dr. Maridel has Finesse 🙂
  • You’re like a cool, refreshing Belgian Blond Beer on hot summers in Athens, Greece __ Paris, France __
  • Dr. A is like a delicious, comforting, hot Dutch cocoa drink during snowy, cold winters in the Alps : Switzerland __ Austria __
  • Professor Dr. Andres, you are a Wise Teacher and Healer. You impressed me with your knowledge & good sense of humor.
  • Even though I just met you, I feel like you’re a Spiritual Person who gives of herself to others. Humble. KiND. Sincere. Patient with the slow, old, and the young. Great humor !
  • The Horn from a cow has for many years in the African tradition a symbol sharing a drink while giving thanks to the spirits.
  • My mental and emotional “Horn” is filled with wisdom, insights, reflections about my own life which you provided me during our many classes in U.S. Military Bases: Heidelberg, Germany __ U.S. – NATO site: Brussels, Belgium __ SHAPE. Mons, Belgium : __ Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe __
  • Doctor A is Cool, Compassionate, Down-to-earth !!!
  • You remind me of Bend, Oregon: an amazing place surrounded by Nature that is Magnificent – trees, mountains and lakes. Nearby a resort town with occupants who are in dire need of some psychological therapy !!! Trust – worthy ! Punctual.
  • ” Wunderbar Professor Andres ! “
  • ​Doctor Maridel : Cool, Pretty Owl __ full of knowledge, wisdom __ perched on a branch __ sharing joy __ a vast range of info.
  • Dr. Andres’ like a delightful X’mas tree on Christmas morning !
  • Great pleasure to have met you as our Psychology Professor. You’re like an amazing Master Key … you unlock any door !
  • Prof. Maridel is like the beautiful blue mediterranean sea with an abundance of Energy and Strength capable of going on forever ….. Full of life and vitality !
  • Thirst for acquiring more knowledge, one who has achieved many academic milestones in life. Balanced. Brilliant. Calm.
  • Doc Maridel: Attractive American Eagle, Sharp with knowledge, Wise to the young and old alike. Refined. Easy on the eyes.
  • Professor Andres / Doctor A >>> you are Good Fun ! Like a Good Irish Soul. Smart. Elegant. Reliable. Joyful. A sparkling diamond ! Compassionate. Genius !
  • ” Doktor Maridel, Wunderkind ! “
  • You turned down an opportunity teaching at Harvard ? Their big loss in the U.S. but our victory in Europe !
  • ​Dr. Andres is like an inspiring Mountain Climber in French Alps: enjoying life while reaching the Apex, whatever that is.
  • You give a Gentle Motivation to folks around you … urge for intrinsic Self – Actualization.
  • Prof. Dr. Andres = Happy, Wise, and Kind Soul 🙂
  • Dr. Maridel brings out the BEST in students !!!
  • We believe that you’re a symbol of honest development. That means no cheating in one’s growth & helping humanity …
  • ” Dr. Maridel is a Lovable Catalyst ! “
  • ….. ” Go With God ” …..​
  • ” Professeur Extraordinaire, Docteur M. Andres ! “